Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Review of the "Mission to Earth"

"Being alone in other planet, I work on the same thing every day of my life...
I get used to it. I am sigular. Everybody is diffrent from me. I am bored and tired but calm."

" To observe her movement, I look at her in thousands of angle, various perspectives, different lens with color, serveral times in one day. I am interested in her. She is ordinary but not the same with other."

Do you feel that they're having this self assertion inside the film?
I do.
I have been penetrated by a "self-isolated" atmosphere.
At the same time, this was being peeped.
And I am the one witnessing how this whole thing has happened as the peeper told me this.

What I also discovered after the film have been settled down in my mind is that in a traditional film, what I, the audience would likely to concentrate on is firstly the plot or story (narration). Secondly is the subtext of it. Finally, I will try to appreciate its way of shooting, framing, editting.

Interestingly, the situation was totally reverse when I watch "Mission to Earth". What I have focused on was its appearance including the colours delivered, the composition and ratio of each seperated boxes, the pattern of interaction between illustration or movement inside the boxes. And then the meaning behind each design comes to me. Finally, I will try to think of the story. What the me is telling in the voice over.

Although it is comparatively strange, maybe boring, and weird, there could be something worth to be appreciated.
Like the beauty in terms of Rhythm and Random.
And the arrangement of the time lasting of each box, sound, voice and also the proportion of the boxes' sizes.

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