Wednesday, October 7, 2009

How's Youtube going?


“Whereas it used to be that ‘creative’ or ‘well-made’ videos could get a ‘huge amount of [Youtube] views’, she says, now it was the videos that are sensationalist’ or represent the ‘lowest common denominator’ get a lot of views, providing what the ‘mainstream media’ was
providing before the emergence of YouTube, and that the people who make up the ‘core’ of YouTube were ‘running away’ from the mainstream media to avoid.”

(Jean Burgess, Joshua Green, “Agency and Controversy in the YouTube Community” Internet Research 9.0: Rethinking Community, Rethinking Place, Copenhagen, 15-18 October, 2008,


The reason I choose this quote is that, it arouses my reconsideration towards the derivation of Youtube in few years ago.

Youtube let people upload videos freely.These videos are usually considered as very "funny", "up-dated", "ridiculous", "eye-catching", "controversial", "hot topic" ...and that's why people eager to upload these video and to create a "discussion wave" on the internet.
However, when this passion and eagerness of generating a hot issue to talk with passed, and when people get used to uploading and searching...and discoveriing and obtaining...they don't find themselves have already been one of the "ordinary" and surrounded by an non-stop renewal of issues.......
What a sorrowful situation....

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  1. Actually, youtube also has its good point. May be you are worrying those people just focus on updating new issues or will 'addict' to youtube.