Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Digital Art

What are some challenges digital art presents to the art world (ie galleries, exhibition goers, art critics and scholars)?

-The art work presented is rather complicated. Usually very broad category like science, music, physical movement, film is combined into one work of art. It is then difficult to classify it.

-As it is complicated, people need plenty of time to understand. More discriptions of the work of art are needed.

-For digital art, we need more digital equipments and eletronic facilities to help generate that art work, but some of the galleries may not own these kinds of offer.

-The form of it is difficult to be confirmed, and the standard for evaluating a digital art is changed. It is then hard to critque.

-It needs more audience participation. However, it may not be suitable and available for some people like elderly, disable. They then cannot understand that work efficiently.

-Dig. art like trend. It appears fast but passes fast too. People may forget and hard to follow it.

- If it is a web art, those people living in the Third world and Totalitarian countries, like North Korea, have no chance to appreciate it. Therefore, web art is restricted.

-It is easily copied. People can generate lots of copies in a short time.

-The value of virtue may decrease as Dig. art may be related to commerce sometimes.

An example from Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

"Eye Contact is the first piece of the Shadow Box series of interactive displays with a built-in computerized tracking system. This piece shows eight hundred simultaneous videos of people lying down, resting. As soon as a public member is detected, his or her presence triggers the miniature video portraits to wake up: hundreds of people simultaneously turn to look at the visitor directly, creating an uncanny experience that questions who is the observer and who is the observed. "
Eye Contact,Rafael Lozano-Hemmer
(accessed Oct 14, 2009)

Example of net art.

Jodi (Joan Hemskeerk and Dirk Paesmans)
( Netherlands, Belgium, Barcelona-based)

This is a net work made by a net art group.
The interesting part of it is that you can be the participator of the art work.
Once click of a certain area, the image of the screen changes.
The pattern are repeated every time you click on it, but the possitions of the elements are rearranged all the time.
I like the monotone in red and black of it.
And the pattern is special.
It is quite different from their early work which just like an error.

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  1. I think the video ""Eye Contact" is really intereting. It invites the audience to participate in the art work.